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Products and services

ROSTOK Group of Companies has designed Production and Commercial Programs for Business Development including:

1. Modernization of OJSC Businovskiy MPP. This Program is necessitated by severe competitive challenge in the sector of products manufactured by OJSC Businovskiy MPP, and pursuant to the policies of the Moscow City Government related to more reasonable and effective use of land in the city industrial areas. The implementation of the Program will ensure quality new, up-to-date esthetic architectural image of the enterprise; based on the close location of the Businovskiy MPP to "Businovo" residential area will undoubtedly heighten attractiveness of this residential area.

2. Projects to be implemented that need to encourage investors under mutually beneficial conditions:

  • Residential Complex Development Project in Penza. The subject matter of the Project is development in the center of the city of an up-to-date residential micro-district with local function of the center. Implementation of this Project is dependent upon relocation of inhabitants from shabby low-rise buildings.
  • Tourist and Entertainment Complex Development Project in Montenegro. Three Project are offered for implementation: TEC Olvie, TEC Bogomila, and TEC Queen Beach
  • Metallurgy-Oriented Projects. The following Project is offered for implementation: construction of integrated mini-plants in the Republic of Tajikistan for manufacturing of steel sheets and long steel products, and sulphuric acid on the basis of the latest scientific achievements.

3. Service Rendering: We offer to let production, storage and office space.

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