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Rostok Group of Companies belongs, according to the Russian standards, to the category of "middle business" - it is a young investment group existing from 1997 and actives in the field of Research and Development, industrial equipment production, agricultural products processing, mining and metallurgy, tourism  projects and site development projects. The Group's main specialization today is organizational work aimed at implementing "turnkey" investment projects by means of attracting and coordinating specialized contractors from the fields of finance, design, customer-specified, construction, technical supervising, marketing and sales. The Group provides project financing by means of debt instruments, corporate financing and own funds.

The total value of the Group own assets is $150mln. The total area of commercial property owned by the Group is 50,000 square meters. Beside real property, the Group owns stock of enterprises in Russia, Montenegro and Tajikistan. 

Site development projects.

The Group performs integrated  development jobs, including:

  • elaboration of project concept
  • project  financing
  • creation of interesting and economically justified architectural offers for area development (housing areas, trade and business centers)
  • gathering of initial permits
  • technical supervising 
  • commissioning
  • real property management

1. Business Center project, Dokukina St, Moscow.

Implementation stages:

  • 1997 - acquisition of the Moscow Knitting Machine-Building Plant, including administrative and production facilities area of 12,000 square meters and re-profiling of the plant to produce quick freezing equipment and quick frozen foods
  • restructuring of the Freezer Plant activities and assets by way of moving of the machine-building and food-processing businesses out of Moscow
  • reconstruction of the Plant area, their re-classification as office premises in order to set up a class B business center and start a leasing business
  • formation of business processes and signing of long-term lease agreements  (including ones with such renowned companies as Mazda, Citroen - representative office and a training center -  and  «Sportmaster»)
  • project formal acceptance in 2007

2.  Businovskiy techno park project.

Implementation stages:

  • acquisition in 2006 of the Businovskiy Meat Processing Plant in Moscow, with  7  ha. land  plot and 50,000 sq.m of real property
  • 2006-2007: restructuring othe Plant activities and assets, creation of a positive cash flow
  • since 2007: elaboration of a techno park concept, start of the reconstruction of the Factory facilities into a multi-purpose center
  • since 2008: designing and legitimating of construction additional buildings with a total area of  270,000 sq.m.

3. Development of projects consisting of the construction of moderately sized elite class residential buildings and reconstruction of old  mansions in the center of Moscow. As of today, facilities in  Krasina St.,  B.Yakimanka St.  and  B.Dmitrovka St. undergo preliminary planning.

4. Development of projects within the framework  of built-up territories development (BTD) in regional centers of the Russian Federation and in the towns of Moscow region, based on Federal Law #232-FZ of  18.12.2006 and the relevant regional programs. At present, the Group is working on several concepts of BTD business plans with approximate parameters as follows:   

  • re-settlement built-up district area: 50-100 ha 
  • construction volume: 1.0-2.0 mln. sq. m   
  • initial amount of own funding:  $50 mln. 
  • investment capital:  $150-200mln.
  • project cost: $1.0 -1.5bln.  
  • project implementation time: 10 years

Experience of the team. The managers and specialists employed in the last three years by the Group have implemented major housing construction projects in Moscow and its suburbs. The total area of housing erected in Moscow amounts to  42,000 sq.m, in Moscow region  - 166,000 sq.m, organizational work is under way to construct  a residential complex near the village  Butovo with a total area 300,000 sq.m, construction start planned for January 2008; gathering initial permits is under way in the neighborhood of the village of Novodrozhjino (500,000 sq.m of housing).

The Group partners. General contractors of the Rostok  Group of Companies are: CJSC Mospromstroy, UM-40, and SU-41 LLC. Technical customers are Tekhstroyzakaz LLC, Multicenter LLC and CJSC Komin. In order to establish a stable professional and organizational potential of the Group, a crew of partners specializing in the activities in the field of housing construction and possessing work experience in the Moscow and Moscow region markets has been built

Tourist projects

Several major development projects are now under way in the Republic of Montenegro, which are  carried out within the framework of the development of high class travel zones in the RM based on the State Program of the RM economy development and the Long-Term Plan for the High Class Travel Development in the RM.  The general idea of the Rostok  Group of Companies in Montenegro is to set up a major «zero based» facility:  namely a resort town (travel and entertainment center, TEC) for a population of ca. 10,000 people, located on the first line of sea shore,  and use  the effect of scale and create a world class resort in respect of services provided, modern level of communications and engineering services, and self-sufficient infrastructure.  The TEC project has aroused much interest in the hotel industry; it has no analogs among the existing installations of competitors.

Thanks to the acquired experience, the Rostok Group of Companies and its partners are ready to implement projects of serious scope and high complexity, including turnkey projects.

The Group portfolio of investment project concepts in a number of regions of the RF, in Moscow region and abroad is estimated at $5bln. The Rostok Group of Companies has started the organizational stages of the projects.


In 1997, quick frozen food production was organized in Moscow, namely quick frozen vegetable mixtures and meat and dough semifinished products (CJSC NPO Rostok) within the territory of the State Moscow Knitting Machine-Building Plant (GMZTM) acquired in 1997 via tender conducted at the Moscow Property Fund,

1999 - launch of R&D and manufacturing of quick freezing equipment, industrial tunnels ТМК300, ТМК600 and ТМF450 for shock freezing (Rostokinskiy Technological Center LLC), development of new food technologies,

since 2000 - the Group has expanded its activities onto the production of raw materials for such produce - shock freezing of vegetables organized in Tajikistan (CJSC SP Nihol-Rostok), Pridnestrovie (SP Rostok-Rustas), Chuvashia (SP Rostok Shupashkar LLC) ,

2004 - the Group separated real estate activities from manufacturing activities by way of reconstruction and operation of its own Moscow real property (CJSC IC Rostok) and thus started with the development business;   

2005 - Moscow and Cheboksary-based food production transferred from the NPO and Rostok Shupashkar further to the Chuvash countryside, to the core producer (meat processing holding company "Agrika"), in exchange of a share in their business; later (2006) the Group exited the project and divested the share;

2005 - the Group restructured the real property complex of GMZTM into a administrative and technological center (CJSC NPP Rostok) and filled it with business processes,

from 2006 - Group has carried out work in Tajikistan in the field of mining, ore enrichment and waste processing, and metallurgy (CJSC SP Rostokmet, CJSC SP ChGMK),

2006 - acquired OJSC Businovskiy Meat Processing Factory,

2007 - started to acquire land assets and the development of a master plan for a new resort town in Montenegro (DOO «Kornetworks holding Montenegro»),

2008 - started to transform OJSC Businovskiy Meat Processing Factory into a techno park.

2004-2008 - the team had been reformed and the Group turnover structure changed correspondingly with development projects becoming the main activity sphere with the largest volume.

Summarizing, today the Rostok Group of Companies is a holding company, realizing from varied points of time  projects on the following profiles:

  • development of residential  and commercial real estate projects ,
  • development of high tourism projects,
  • development and implementation of projects in the field of mining and metallurgy,
  • researching  and manufacturing o quick freezing  equipment;
  • quick frozen food production.

As of 2008, the Group comprises the following companies: CJSC Investment Company Rostok, OJSC Businovskiy Meat Processing Factory, CJSC Integrated Construction Investments, CJSC Integrated Mining Investments, Joint Ventures: CJSC SP Rostokmet, CJSC SP ChGMK in Tajikistan,  DOO «Kornetworks holding Montenegro» and DOO Queen Beach Bar in Montenegro.  The legal and organizational interaction scheme of the entities comprising  the Holding is structured along the Group business lines.

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