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since 2004 - development

Site development projects

The Group performs integrated  development jobs, including:

  • elaboration of project concept
  • project  financing
  • creation of interesting and economically justified architectural offers for area development (housing areas, trade and business centers)
  • gathering of initial permits
  • technical supervising 
  • commissioning
  • real property management

1. Business Center project, Dokukina St, Moscow.

Implementation stages:

  • 1997 - acquisition of the Moscow Knitting Machine-Building Plant, including administrative and production facilities area of 12,000 square meters and re-profiling of the plant to produce quick freezing equipment and quick frozen foods
  • restructuring of the Freezer Plant activities and assets by way of moving of the machine-building and food-processing businesses out of Moscow
  • reconstruction of the Plant area, their re-classification as office premises in order to set up a class B business center and start a leasing business
  • formation of business processes and signing of long-term lease agreements  (including ones with such renowned companies as Mazda, Citroen - representative office and a training center -  and  «Sportmaster»)
  • project formal acceptance in 2007

2.  Businovskiy techno park project.

Implementation stages:

  • acquisition in 2006 of the Businovskiy Meat Processing Plant in Moscow, with  7  ha. land  plot and 50,000 sq.m of real property
  • 2006-2007: restructuring othe Plant activities and assets, creation of a positive cash flow
  • since 2007: elaboration of a techno park concept, start of the reconstruction of the Factory facilities into a multi-purpose center
  • since 2008: designing and legitimating of construction additional buildings with a total area of  270,000 sq.m.

3. Development of projects consisting of the construction of moderately sized elite class residential buildings and reconstruction of old  mansions in the center of Moscow. As of today, facilities in  Krasina St.,  B.Yakimanka St.  and  B.Dmitrovka St. undergo preliminary planning.

4. Development of projects within the framework  of built-up territories development (BTD) in regional centers of the Russian Federation and in the towns of Moscow region, based on Federal Law #232-FZ of  18.12.2006 and the relevant regional programs. At present, the Group is working on several concepts of BTD business plans with approximate parameters as follows:   

  • re-settlement built-up district area: 50-100 ha 
  • construction volume: 1.0-2.0 mln. sq. m   
  • initial amount of own funding:  $50 mln. 
  • investment capital:  $150-200mln.
  • project cost: $1.0 -1.5bln.  
  • project implementation time: 10 years

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